LADIES ADULT 18+ SPRING        2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5        2 singles & 3 doubles     
**Uses current year ratings
(18 years  & over prior to or during the calendar year)        2.5, 5.0          1 singles & 2 doubles  

LADIES ADULT 18+ FALL            2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5        1 singles & 3 doubles     
**Uses mid-year (early start) ratings
(18 years & over prior to or during the calendar year) 2.5, 5.0          1 singles & 2 doubles  

LADIES 40+ WINTER & SUMMER         3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5  1 singles & 3 doubles (local league only)  
(40 years & over prior to or during the calendar year)

LADIES 55+        6.0, 7.0, 8.0          3 doubles
**Uses current year ratings
(55 years & over prior to or during the calendar year)*

LADIES 65+       
 6.0, 7.0, 8.0          3 doubles         
**Uses current year ratings
(65 years & over prior to or during the calendar year)*         (Rating difference no more than 1.0.)

LADIES LONE STAR         Beginner        3 doubles
(18 years & over prior to or during the calendar year)

Mixed Doubles Leagues(18+, 40+, 55+)      6.0,7.0, 8.0,9.0     3 doubles    
(18 years and over/40 years and over/55 years and over prior to or during the calendar year)

Men’s League can be found @

Ladies Combo League   6.5, 7.5, 8.5        3 doubles
Combo Coordinator:
Martha Barrie
Summer League

COMBO DOUBLES TOURNAMENT (Men & Women) 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5   
3 doubles    **Uses current year ratings
Coordinator Combo Tournament:
Steve Miller   

*In any Early Start league, Tennis-Link will not allow a player to register until the new calendar year begins for that player's age eligibility.  Example:  
Winter 40+ Ladies cannot play someone in November until she turns 40 in January of the coming year.

Adult 18+ Spring & Fall Friday League                      9:00 a.m. through 1:30 p.m.*
Adult 18+ Spring & Fall Saturday League                  8:30 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.
40+ & 55+ Winter Leagues                                        9:00 a.m. through 1:30 p.m.*
40+ Summer Ladies                                                   8:30 a.m. through 11:00 a.m.
65+ Ladies                                                                  9:00 a.m. through 11:00 a.m.
*1:30 match start times may be schedules by facilities only with prior approval from league coordinator.   

League Coordinators may select a neutral location for matches whose home facilities are further than 35 miles apart OR if it is necessary for court

League Roster Guidelines:
A. Highly recommend that each team have a minimum of 8 players (Adult Spring, 40+), 7 players (Fall), & 6 players (55+) who are playing only on one (1)
team during the league.
B. Before the league starts, know which players on your roster are on multiple teams and their status (primary/secondary).  View "Playoff Teams" to
determine the status limitations for your players (same level).
C. No more than 4 players (Adult Spring, Fall, and 40+) and
3 players (55) may register on the same Friday and Saturday teams. League
recommends that all teams in all levels have a limit of 2 secondary players.
D. There is no limit to the number of players on a roster.

A. Captains need to know the status (primary/secondary) of all their players before the league starts.  Ft Worth teams will have limitations on the number
of primary/secondary players when they are playing on more than one Ft Worth team in the same level.  Players playing on 2 different leveled-teams will
not be included with the limitations unless stated.
-  Players can play in the Ft Worth Friday/Saturday, Dallas, & other area leagues at the same time provided they meet the requirements of the local
rules.  Each area rules are adjusted to their leagues.
B. A Ft Worth league player can only play on one Friday and one Saturday team at the same level (if not combined).
C. If a player's team has qualified (Ex: Adult Spring League) to Sectionals in another area in U.S. before the Ft Worth league has started, she is ineligible
to play in an Ft Worth league of the same division, regardless if primary or secondary.
D. If a player's team has placed 2nd in another area before the Ft Worth league has started, she can play in the Ft Worth league if the captain is willing to
release her (in writing) as a Ft Worth primary player.
E. If players play on a two-team league, they must designate that team as primary and play in the playoffs for that team.
F. Ft Worth Adult 18+ and 40+ Ladies Leagues allow no more than 4 duplicate players on two teams at the same level.  55+ Ladies League allows
no more than 3 duplicate players on two teams in the same level.  If teams violate the duplicate player rule, both teams will be ineligible for playoffs.

2. LADIES PLAYOFF TEAMS (same level)   
18+ and 40+ league Spring/Fall duplicate players’ status when both Ft Worth teams (same level) have qualified for playoffs.
A.  2 players - both players can play for the same team.      
B.  3 players - only 2 players can play for the same team.      
C.  4 players - only 2 players can play for the same team.      
D.  5 players - team disqualified from the playoffs (even when only 1 team qualifies)  

55+ league duplicate players' status when both Ft Worth teams (same level) have qualified for Playoffs.
A.  2 players -- only 1 player can play for the same team      
B.  3 players – only 2 players can play for the same team
C.  4 players -- Team disqualified from playoffs(even when only 1 team qualifies)

Round Robin (Adult Spring League) with the possibility of single elimination for other USTA Leagues (weather/ shortage of indoor courts/time are
determining factors). Qualifying teams can only play players that have played at least 2 matches during the local league, with only 1 default accepted as
one of the 2 matches. Regular scoring for the first two sets; 3rd set will be played as a Super/Match tiebreak (first to 10 by 2); Coman tiebreak procedure
is used during all tiebreaks; 1-point for a team win; 5-minute warm-up including serves. No red flags will be generated during playoffs.  However, when the
scores are run the following week, any player advancing to Sectionals that receives 3 red flags will not be allowed to further participate with the team. The
team will still be able to advance.  (See
Multiple Levels & Leagues for additional playoff rules)  

A. Captains are required to email the coordinator a list of their primary/secondary players when they are on more than 1 playoff team.
B. Players can only play on 1 team at the Ft Worth Playoff Championships and at Sectionals.  They can't play on a Ft Worth playoff team if they
participated in any other area matches that helped to advance that team to Playoffs or Sectionals in the same division. (Ex: Adult 18+ Spring League).
C. If a player is on 2 qualifying teams and there is a problem as to which team is primary; the order of registration (date & time) on Tennis Link will
determine the player's primary team.
D. Teams must be able to play all lines (exceptions - last minute illness, injury, or emergency situations).  Notify coordinator before playoffs.
E. If discovered during the Playoff time period, a player that mistakenly plays on 2 teams at the local playoffs will lose all scores on her secondary team.   
F. When a player's Ft Worth primary team does not qualify for Playoffs, she can play with her Ft Worth qualified secondary team.  This automatically
places her as a primary player for that team.
G. Players who are primary on a team from another area that is still playing cannot play in the Ft Worth Playoff championship unless the primary team is
clearly out of a Playoff or Sectional advancement and their captain is willing to release them.
H. Players who played in the Ft Worth Playoff Championships & are advancing to Sectionals are primary for that team and cannot switch primary positions
if registered on another area winning team in the same division. (Ex: Adult 18+ Spring League)

Wildcards are determined by calculating the highest percentage of total games won/total games played of all 2nd place teams.  Defaults are not included
in the calculation.
NOTE: In leagues where there are only two teams in a level on one league day(e.g. Friday 55+ League) and multiple teams in the same level on another
league day(e.g. Saturday 55+ League), at the league coordinator's discretion, a pre-playoff match may be requested between the 2nd place team in the
2 team league and the 3rd place team in the multiple team league to determine playoff advancement.

All Fort Worth USTA leagues will be governed by the USTA National League Tennis Regulations, found at https://assets-ssl.usta.
com/assets/1/15/2016_national_regulations_9_14_15.pdf, the USTA Texas Operating Procedures at http://www.texas.usta.
com/adult_tennis/usta_leagues/regulations/?intloc=headernavsub2,  and the Ft Worth Local League Rules at and www. All players participating in these leagues shall abide by the standards of good conduct, fair play, good sportsmanship and are
responsible for knowing the rules, regulations and operating procedures.

A. All matches are to be played at facilities that have been approved by the Greater Fort Worth Tennis Coalition(GFWTC).
B. A team may have only one player from outside the 50 mile radius of the center of a large city, Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Houston.
Teams from all other cities can have a maximum of two players from outside the 50 mile radius of the center of the city. If a player does not have the
specific league in one of the designated areas, (i.e. Abilene, Amarillo, Austin), he/she can play in another city without it counting as part of the out of city

A. Must have a USTA membership current throughout the league.  Renewals and new memberships should be obtained through Tennis Link @ http:
// or by calling the USTA membership number: 1-800-990-8782.  DO NOT MAIL.  Please make sure your current address, phone
number & last name are correct with USTA membership.   
B. All Players competing must be registered on Tennis Link before each match begins.  Unless extenuating circumstances, if a team plays a non-
registered player, the line played will be defaulted. (USTA League Reg. 3.03(B)3a)  
Please notify the coordinator & opposing captain when this situation

3.  NTRP:  
For each league season, a player will enter at the level of their most recent computer rating or higher. If you are unsure of your level, click on "About
NTRP Ratings" or "NTRP Rating Help" at  Players who are good athletes or intend to spend a
great deal of time taking lessons, should be aware that their improvement may be significant enough to surpass their original self-rating by the time they
reach the end of the local league season.  To avoid NTRP disqualification, these players should enter at a higher level of play at the beginning of the
local league season.
A. Players who are 59 years or under during the 2016 League year will have their most current computer rating displayed in Tennis Link. They must self-
rate if their NTRP rating is older than 3 years. **Exception: A player who receives a published (M) or (T) rating and chooses to participate in the Adult
Division will be required to self-rate even if the (M) or (T) rating is less than 3 years old.
B. Players who will be 60 years or older during the 2016 League Year will have their most current computer rating displayed in Tennis Link. They must
self -rate if their NTRP rating is older than 2 years. **Exception: A player who receives a published (M) or (T) rating and chooses to participate in the Adult
Division will be required to self-rate even if the (M) or (T) rating is less than 2 years old.   

RULES VIOLATIONS/GRIEVANCES for filing a Fair Play Grievance against self-rated players.   

Captains and players should be familiar with USTA League National Regulation 2.06 regarding team limits on players who have qualified or advanced to
National Championships the previous year.

Home team supplies new USTA approved yellow balls (standard size) and outdoors courts for the entire length of match.   Players are responsible for
their own water.  
Even though the schedule is on Tennis Link, the Captain should try to:    
A. Give or get the name and phone number when an acting captain is being used for the upcoming match.    
B. Inform of any highway construction that is close to match site, which might cause delays.    
C. If court times are split, the 2 captains need to decide which court(s) will play at the later time.    
D. Try to notify two days before the match of any known defaults. (Applies to visiting captain also.)    
E. Notify home facility of any court cancellations at least 24 hours before scheduled match.  

A. Players may be added to the roster up to the day of the 5th match from the beginning of the season (day of 5th match).  Exact  dates are listed at www.
or & on the printed schedules.    
B. A player may be added (as long as 2 or more matches remain for that team, excluding playoffs) to replace an injured player who is unable to play for
the rest of the season or due to an extenuating circumstance.  An added player must have the same NTRP level or lower than the player being replaced.  
Self-rated players cannot be used to replace a player.     
C. A player who is disqualified by the DNTRP during the season may be added to a higher-level team without having to replace a player. (The team must
have 2 or more remaining matches in the season, excluding playoffs.)
NOTE: A self-rated player who receives 3 red flags is disqualified and the team loses all of the lines; that player played during the league.     
D. Added players must meet the league requirements and be approved by the coordinator before they are registered on Tennis-Link  

A. Players should contact the League Coordinator when requesting a league fee refund.   
B. A refund may be issued if a league does not make or if a registered player withdraws BEFORE   first scheduled match of a league season.    
C. In the event that an entire team withdraws from a league after the roster deadline and after schedules have been posted, NO players will receive a
league fee refund.
D. Approved league fee refunds will be issued less the administrative fee(s).  

Blank scorecards are available on Tennis Link and list eligible players at the bottom.  Written lineups should be filled out before reaching the playing site
and should be exchanged FIVE (5) minutes prior to match time.
not required to field players in order of strength.       

Scores should be posted, confirmed, or disputed, by BOTH captains, on Tennis Link, within 24 hours after the match is completed.    Either captain may
do the initial entry.  Notify the coordinator immediately of any scoring dispute.

Cell phones and other communication devices must be turned off or placed in VIBRATE MODE before the match starts and MAY NOT be checked during
changeovers. If a player’s cell phone rings during a point, the opponent may stop the point and claim the point based on deliberate hindrance (Friend at
Court: Part 2 - The Code #36)  

When facilities must stagger times due to court shortage, the home captain must contact the visiting captain by the Sunday before the scheduled match
to determine which lines will be played at which time.  

12. MATCH FORMAT:(Outdoor League)
Any additional changes will be stated on the printed schedules for each league.  Round Robin; Regular scoring in the first two sets; third set, if needed, is
played as a "super/match tiebreak" (1st to 10 winning by 2); Coman tiebreak will be used; 1-point for a team win; set tiebreak at 6-all (first to 7 by 2); five-
minute warm-up including serves; Playoff when applicable; If a Saturday league only has 1 or 2 teams in a level with at least 50% in NTRP level, the
Friday teams may be required to play 1 or 2 Saturday matches.    
Points played in good faith stand.  If a disagreement arises on court, it should be resolved before play resumes.  Match results will stand as played.  
(Friend at Court:  Part 2 - The Code #2)

13. WARM-UP:    
5-minute warm-up, including serves.  Late players (still in the15-minute default time frame) will be allowed to have a 5-minute warm-up, including

Play should be continuous.  Between points, a maximum of 20 seconds is allowed.  When players change ends at the end of a game, a maximum of 90
seconds is allowed.  After the first game of each set and during a tie-break game, play shall be continuous and the players shall change ends without a
rest.  At the set break, a maximum of 120 seconds(2 minutes) is allowed.  (Friend at Court: Part 1 - ITF Rules of Tennis #29a)

Detailed information regarding medical and bleeding timeouts can be found in 2016 Friend at Court Part 3 page 96 USTA Regulations III.E and Table 13.
A MEDICAL TIMEOUT consists of evaluation time and up to 3 minutes of treaiment time for a treatable medical condition.  The maximum time allowed for
the entire timeout is 15 minutes.
A BLEEDING TIMEOUT consists of up to 15 minutes to stop the visible bleeding, clean up the court, and dispose of the contaminated items.  Once a
timeout has been taken for the condition, another is not allowed for the same condition.

16. COACHING:    
No coaching is allowed during a USTA match.  

No substitutions may be made after the lineups have been exchanged except if an injury or illness occurs during the warm-up or if a player fails to
appear.  If an extra player is available, he/she can ONLY replace the injured/ill player/no-show and the remainder of the lineup remains the same. If no
substitute is available for an injured player, that particular line shall be defaulted.  No shows (not filled by a substitute before the 15-minute default time)
are discussed under

Cell phones are the official time device for match play.  Lineups must be exchanged 5 minutes before the scheduled match time and all players assigned  
their courts ready for play.  No line shall begin play before the 15-minute default time unless all players from the HIGHER LINE (S) are present. Singles
and doubles lines are independent of each other.  

(a) If line 1 singles is late, line 2 singles must wait until a default is declared.
(b) If line 2 singles is late, line 1 singles starts on time.    
(c) If line 3 doubles is late, line 1 and 2 doubles start on time.
(d) If line 2 doubles is late, line 1 doubles starts on time.
(e) If line 1 doubles is late, all doubles must wait until a default is declared.  

If a player fails to appear and no substitute is available, the default will start from the bottom up for singles and/or doubles. Example:  If line 1 singles
player is a no show, line 2 singles moves to line 1.  If line 1 doubles is missing a player, lines 2 and 3 move up to lines 1 and 2 and line 3 is a default. In
the event that players from different lines are unavailable for play, the available player from the lower line may take the place of the unavailable player
from the higher line to form a new team at the higher position in order to avoid an additional default.  The team receiving the default cannot move

Exception for defaulting from the bottom:
(a) When a player is injured or becomes ill during warm-up. (See SUBSTITUTIONS above)
(b) When courts are played at different times or on different days.
(c) When an ineligible player causes a default after the match has been played.  

When a match is not completed by the time another team is scheduled to play and the unfinished match is halted, the home team must provide alternate
court(s) within one (1) hour or report the line(s) as retired with the win going to the visiting team.  However, if a line is starting or playing the 3rd set
super/match tiebreak, the incoming team will wait until play is finished.

Captains should try to notify the opposing team captain of any defaults at least 48 hours in advance except in cases involving sudden emergencies or
NOTE:  Once an early default is issued, it can only be voided due to a rainout or extreme weather.   Defaults, either singles or doubles, start from
the bottom line.  The line receiving the default is not required to appear at the match site.  

(a) In a league playing 5 courts, a team defaulting 3 or more courts at one time....
(b) In a league playing 4 courts, a team defaulting 3 or more courts at one time....
(c) In a league playing 3 courts, a team defaulting 2 or more courts at one time....  

will not be eligible for an award or a playoff position for that league.  All other teams, played & not played, will receive the highest points possible unless
all teams in contention for the playoffs (or for 1st and 2nd place from league play with no playoff), have already played the defaulting team in Good Faith,
then the match points stand as played.  However, if 3 or fewer matches remain to be played for the league, the defaulting team may be asked to play the
minimum number of courts required.  

Any team defaulting an entire match will have all players on the roster suspended from all Fort Worth USTA League Tennis leagues for a period of 11
months from the start date of the league the infraction occurred. If a player registers for a team while on suspension, that player will be moved to a
holding team in the Tennis Link system and the player will forfeit the associated registration fee. In the case of an extenuating circumstance, the
suspension may be appealed to the FWUSTA Grievance Committee (See Rules Violations/Grievances below).     

20. RAINOUTS:         
A.  In the event of rain or wet courts, all players must be ON SITE unless both captains agree that the match is a rainout.
B. Should rain begin after match play has begun, all players must remain
ON SITE for up to 30 minutes in an effort to resume match play unless BOTH
captains agree otherwise.  If courts are not playable, then the match will be treated as a rainout.
C. In matches where lineups have been exchanged but match play has
NOT BEGUN, a new lineup may be exchanged for the makeup match. If a default
has been issued, it is now
D.  If a minimum of one line has served the first ball, the lineup is locked in and cannot be changed, including any defaults.  
E. Incomplete matches will be continued by the same players at the exact place halted- set, game, point, and server, side. Indicate such on back of both
score sheets to prevent controversy when resuming play.
F. If rain occurs just before play starts or during play and captains agree to move indoors, these matches will be treated as a rain make-up. All lines are
not required to play indoors.  

21. EXTREME WEATHER GUIDELINES (Effective January 2016)
If the wind chill is 32 degrees or below at your match location, the match may be rescheduled if one captain requests it. The official
weather reading will be found on the GFWTC website, Click the “weather forecast” to view the “feels like”, or
wind chill, on the day of match only.  Enter the zip code under “search locations” for accurate information. Due to the frequent inaccuracy
of weather forecasts, matches may not be canceled a day in advance.  Captains should make a determination no earlier than 2 hours prior
to the scheduled match time and notify their players accordingly.

A.  In the event a match is not played or completed on the scheduled date due to weather (see RAINOUTS or EXTREME WEATHER GUIDELINES),
Religious Holidays,
Thanksgiving Holiday(Saturday or Sunday before and weekend after), USTA Local Fort Worth Playoffs/Sectionals/Nationals, or
spring break, the match must be made up
within 2 weeks (14 days) from the match date.  Match continuations where facilities are greater than
40 miles driving distance MAY be played at a neutral facility midway between the involved teams' home facilities.  
B. Match MUST be rescheduled within
72 hours (3 days) and BOTH CAPTAINS must e-mail the coordinator the date, time & site. Teams have 2 weeks
(14 days)
to complete this match.  If the match is unsuccessfully completed in the 14 days allowed, then the match will be sent to the FWUSTA
Grievance Committee for a decision.  
C.  Rescheduled matches can be played at any time.  They can be played as a whole or by individual lines on different days. If match play has not
already begun, then lineups are not locked in. - Once a match is rescheduled and confirmed by both captains, the date, time, & site cannot be changed
unless it is rained out or weather is too severe
D. Rescheduled matches that are rained out will be allowed a one (1) week extension from the rescheduled date OR the remainder of the
ORIGINAL TWO (2) WEEK PERIOD, whichever is later.  
If a reschedules match is rained out, the captains must email the coordinator the new match
date, time, and site.
E. When a team is scheduled during Spring Break, Religious Holidays, Local Fort Worth Playoffs, Sectionals or Nationals, and is unable to fill all lines,
the team may reschedule the lines involved and play, if possible, before the original scheduled date. No automatic defaults for these  special occasions.
NOTE:  The Friday match before Thanksgiving or spring break week is not eligible for makeup unless both captains agree to play PRIOR to
the scheduled match date.  The opposing team captain must be notified no later than 5 DAYS prior to the scheduled match date when
lines must be rescheduled
. Available players will play on the original scheduled date. The rescheduling rules for a rainout will be applied.
NOTE: When teams reschedule lines due to players attending a USTA Fort Worth Playoffs, or attending a USTA Little State, or attending a
on a USTA Fort Worth team, each rescheduled line MUST include a player from the Local Fort Worth,
Sectional, or National team.
 Excluding the above situations, when both captains agree to play a line outside the scheduled date, the match must be
played before or anytime on the original scheduled date.
 If not possible, the team that is short a player will default the line.  

When both captains agree to play indoors, each player will split the court fee cost.  The captains or the individual lines need to decide before the match
what they will do if time expires before the match is finished. To save time, players may decide to switch ends only at the end of each set, play no-ad,
reschedule the rest of the unfinished match, etc.
Teams opting to play indoors must be diligent in observing start times/warm up time and
tolerant of activities on courts in close proximity to their match.

22. TIE-BREAK:    
If team points are tied at the end of the league, the USTA League Tennis Regulation tiebreak procedure will be used, starting with 1 point for a team win.
If still tied, the following will be used until the tie is broken: team with most individual matches won, head to head, fewest number of sets lost, most sets
won, fewest number of games lost, toss of coin.

Any grievance alleging a violation by an individual or team during local league competition shall be submitted in writing by the team
captain or acting captain who was present at the match where the alleged violation occurred.  The Grievance Report should be emailed
to the Local League Coordinator for review WITHIN 7 DAYS of alleged violation or within 24 hours of the end of league season, whichever
comes first.The Coordinator will then forward the complaint to the GFWTC Grievance Committee for an official  determination.  The
Grievance Report Form can be found on the League Website at or   

A grievance may be filed by a captain coordinator or member of a championship committee against a self-rated player when that player is seen at the
TOP OF THE NEXT LEVEL or higher.  Email your local coordinator your complaint, and it will be sent to the Texas Section Grievance Committee. The
Texas Section Grievance Committee, after review, and in consultation with the NTRP experts who have augmented the committee, will take action, as they
deem appropriate.  
Such action may include disqualification, suspension from league play or other league sanctions.  When disqualified, all matches played for that league
will be taken away. The Texas Section Grievance Committee decision may be appealed in accordance with Regulation 2.03 of USTA League Tennis
Rule revisions are typed below in this color.  Revisions
effective when rules updated.  
(Updated 2/6/17)
Rules Document
for Download